About Us

Our innovative system can be used on existing patios, stoops, walkways, porches, decks, driveways, garages, basements, and more. Using our proprietary waterproof bond, Dektile systems are able to secure surface materials permanently while allowing excess moisture to drain away from the surface.


  • Large range of materials from high-end porcelain tiles to budget friendly pavers
  • Comparable cost to traditional construction methods such as removing and replacing concrete, stamped overlays, and washed aggregate finishes
  • 3-year warranty
  • Provides decades of use
  • Perfect for correcting uneven concrete surfaces
  • Complete surface makeovers in one-third of the time of traditional “remove and replace” methods
  • Materials are generally thinner and work better with doorway thresholds than traditional pavers
  • Pavers are kept dry with proprietary moisture-draining system
  • Stronger and more resistant to settling than comparable exterior surface products

Dektile systems offer homeowners permanent solutions for restoring and re-surfacing existing concrete and decks. Our unique bonding method adheres Dektile surfaces to concrete to create a finished product that is smoother and stronger than traditional overlays. And Dektile systems are designed to allow moisture to drain away from the surface, creating a more useful and beautiful finish. Best of all, Dektile systems offer competitive pricing and in many cases end up being more affordable than traditional construction methods.

Dektile systems were created by Brett Berry of Shawnee, Kansas. Brett owns and operates an outdoor construction company that serves the greater Kansas City metro area. Brett has been working on the Dektile system since 2008, when he first tested the method on one of his local construction projects. He installed Dektile at his own home shortly after. Since then he’s installed more than 100,000 square feet in the Kansas City Metro area.