DekTile Featured on DIY Network

Did you know you can watch a DekTile installation in progress on the DIY Network show “Bargain Mansions?” Hosted by Kansas City native Tamara Day, “Bargain Mansions” showcases Tamara’s work of buying and overhauling neglected properties in the Kansas City metro area using all local contractors!

Tamara Day hosts Bargain Mansions, the premiere home renovation program based in Kansas City.

We were fortunate enough to work with Tamara in Season 2 of the show, designing and building outdoor living spaces as well as landscaping all her properties.

Episode 6, “A Pain in the Deck,” features our outdoor renovation of a pool deck, fire pit, kitchen, and fireplace.

Our DekTile crew assembles an outdoor fireplace before installing the porcelain tile patio pavers.

In this episode Brett advises Tamara about the materials used in the pool deck and surrounding landscape. Brett also created the design for the enormous outdoor living area. For the DekTile finish on the patio surrounding the pool, he installed ceramic tile provided by Del Conca, USA.

Brett talks Tamara through choices including natural stone and porcelain tile for this outdoor renovation.

The finished pool deck beautifully showcases a high-end DekTile installation.

Tamara chose porcelain tile from @delconcausa for a seamless DekTile finish on this pool deck.

A bit of behind-the-scenes scoop: Before Tamara filmed this segment, Brett arranged the filming with local stone company Semco Outdoor. He was pleased to help her choose the boulder used in a “bubbler” water feature near the pool.

Tamara expertly drills the hole for water to flow through this impressive boulder from @semcooutdoorkc.
The finished boulder “bubbler” enhances a calming scene along the path from pool to house.

We enjoyed being a part of Bargain Mansions and feel honored to be chosen by the show. Here’s one of our favorite photos of this project, showcasing the transforming power of DekTile.

From this view you can see how the DekTile install resulted in a clean, contemporary finish.

You can watch both entire seasons of Bargain Mansions now on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and in reruns on the DIY Network. Soon all the episodes will air on HGTV. You can check your local listings for that. We hope you enjoy seeing DekTile on the small screen!