Poolside with DekTile

Ahhhh sweet summertime!! Nothing is better than lounging poolside on a hot summer day, especially for a pool owner!  Summertime is when we receive a lot of calls from pool owners wanting to add on or restore their existing pool deck.

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool than you know the upkeep required, not only to maintain chemical balance, but the care of the surrounding pool deck. A pool deck provides an aesthetic look to a backyard but also a safe space for family and friends to lounge and play, so choosing the right materials is very important.

Because of its versatility, our parent company Berry Outdoor LLC has been installing DekTile to new and existing pool decks for over a decade. In fact, this past week weve been restoring a pool deck in the Iron Horse neighborhood using DekTile paver in the Midwest Blend.

Over the years of providing hardscapes to homeowners we’ve learned a lot about different materials used for patios and pool decks and this is what we have learned:

  1. Plain concrete – The least aesthetic less expensive option. Does not weather well (especially around pool water) leaving unsightly cracks causing major trip hazards.
  2. Concrete with cool surface treatment overlay – Will crack and begins to deteriorate, leaving repairs impossible to restore back to its original design
  3. Stamped concrete – Generally affordable, but deteriorates like plain concrete and sealants that need to be applied every year to maintain quality produces a slick finish, which is a safety concern around a pool.
  4. DekTile pavers – Price range as low as the cost stamped concrete to a higher end using natural blue stone or porcelain tile. Offers a non-slip, permanent solution requiring no maintenance.

We found that our pool owners choose DekTile  pavers for two reasons:

     1. DekTile offers a non-slip, permanent, maintenance-free finish outlasting alternative options

     2. DekTile is placed over an existing surround saving time and expense versus other alternatives that require a process of tearing out the existing pool deck and building a new one using heavy equipment, creating a mess of the property lasting up to three-to-four weeks longer than our DekTile process.

In addition to the pool deck overlay, we incorporate our DekTile products into new coping around the pool, creating an upgraded look that carries over from the deck straight into the pool. A typical pool deck and coping resurfacing with DekTile can be completed in approximately one week.

If you have a pool deck that needs updated or considering adding a pool to your backyard space, we offer a full design and construction service! We include a 3D layout considering drainage, grading, and surrounding structures, allowing the pool design to feel like it was part of the original home design. DekTile pavers is an unmatched finish for any pool deck.