Lifetime concrete restoration and concrete overlays custom installed right over your existing concrete in as little as one day.


Here at Dektile we offer our clients premium concrete resurfacing and restoration services throughout greater Overland Park, Leawood, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Shawnee, Shawnee, KS and North Kansas City, Lees Summit, Kansas City, MO.


On the majority of homes, concrete exists. After a few years concrete can look tired, unappealing and dirty. At times, cracks appear and chips occur. However, none of these things are structurally damaging. Many homeowners desire a new surface when these things happen. However, removing and replacing old concrete with new concrete tears up yards, takes more time, creates more mess, and then there’s just plain concrete there again. For about the same amount of expenditure, homeowners can resurface their existing concrete with a beautiful, long-lasting, economical Dektile surface. Read More About Concrete Resurfacing »


When old concrete settles and cracks, restoration is necessary. The surface of the concrete needs to be raised to a smooth, level surface and settling issues must be dealt with. This is accomplished by using structural piers to stop settling, and by floating a new surface with durable, weather-proof materials and/or mud-jacking the settled concrete. This process costs slightly more than standard concrete re-surfacing, but in some cases, is still more affordable, quicker and much nicer to look at then plain concrete. Read More About Concrete Restoration »


Many homeowners want the affordability and durability of concrete, but don’t like the finish of concrete, colored concrete or the maintenance required with stamped concrete. In this case, Dektile systems incorporate a new concrete slab with the Dektile bonding system and material of choice. In most cases, the cost to install this method costs less then installing traditional bricks and pavers over a gravel and sand base. And, there is a large diversity of finishes available. Read More About Concrete Overlays »