The Palmer Project

The Palmers contacted us to help update their outdoor patio into a space that would better fit their needs. Although the 20 year old concrete maintained its structure, it definitely showed its age with cracks and chipping in various places. The Palmers wish list was to expand their existing patio, enlarge their stoop, and to create an outdoor kitchen.

DekTile overlay system was the perfect solution for homeowners like the Palmers who have an existing old patio they want to expand. What was appealing to the Palmers and why they chose DekTile was that the pavers could be applied directly over their existing patio–tying in both the old and new concrete. This option saved them $2,500.00 and about two weeks off the project timeline. Saving both time and money is always appealing to any homeowner.

The Palmers selected the “Midwest blend” color blend that consists of a blend of beige, earth tones, charcoal accents, limestone, and gray with a slate texture, which is non-slip.  What is great about the color of the pavers they selected is that it runs through the full body of the paver and also acts like a sealant to preserve the longevity of the pavers.

The Palmer project began by power washing the existing patio and then pouring the concrete patio,  giving them an additional three feet of living space. While waiting for the concrete to dry we began constructing both the cooking center and stoop structure.  

The cooking center was constructed of concrete block, natural limestone countertops, and travertine “ledgestone” that we custom-designed around the appliances the homeowner selected.

Then it was onto enlarging the stoop. We started by framing the structure, then we employed our proprietary DekTile installation system.

With four crew members we were able to install 95% of the patio in one day, leaving us to complete only the custom-cut pieces around the cooking center, stoop, and home the following day. After the patio and deck pavers were in place and bonded down, we grouted the entire patio and began the cleanup process.

What was once a 20 year old patio that looked every bit its age was transformed into a larger living space that now feels like part of the original design of the home. The enlarged stoop allows for easy and seamless traffic flow which is important when carrying food to and from the outdoor cooking center.

The Palmers were very pleased that the DekTile project came in on budget, on time, and resulted in a project that was less messy than tearing out their concrete and starting over.